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Strike a Pose

summer fashion

It was a gorgeous summer day and like most of us, I was like what am I going to wear?? With a closet full of clothes I decided to recyle this dress that I bought about 7 years ago. Yes, that's right . That's why I never donated it or even sold it for that matter. It's just so european in look and feel and living in the burbs of Jersey, with occasional visits to NYC, this made me feel like I was on the island of Mallorca. ( Which I just vacationed , I plan to post about that!!)

My sandals were another purchase I made about 2 years ago in Bloomingdales. They are from #stuartweitzman. Giselle Bundchen was part of this campaign several years back, and I thought WOW these are gorgeous and lucky me when I bought them they were on sale, still a little pricey if I remember but affordable enough to purchase and have as an investment piece. My hat, I purchased on the streets of NYC but I know for a fact you can find these everywhere now a days despite where you live. This whole look, appears very NYC, or from the streets of Milan because the hat which is great sun protector and it totally adds to your outfit. It's amazing how something so simple can dress up your outfit. I hugely recommend purchasing one, this is a Panama hat.

As a fashion stylist I am always in search of things that are pretty, but yet practical. Also, cost is a huge factor when it comes to my purchases. I dont mind spending on something if I know its something I can get alot of use out of it and I meant A LOT!!

As a mom, I like to be comfortable as well . It doesn't pay if your in pain just to look good. Because at the end of the day your really not going to look good because you dont feel good.

I havent written in a while, but I had a rebirth today and decided I just need to bite the bullet and go for my dreams and passion. I want to share with you my passion for fashion and I will share my fashon inspirations with you. I am not 20 something or 30 something, but rather 40 something, and guess what , age does NOT define who I am , or my style. Your never too old. I often get mistaken for a 30 something year old, (lol) but, all kidding aside, I hope my style inspires you and that you feel confident and beautiful no matter what your age is.



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