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New Year's Fashion Resolutions

Happy New Year Everyone and Welcome 2019! Omg , I can not believe it's 2019. Where is all the time going by. With every new year, we all decide to start the year fresh , new and clean. Whether its to loose some weight, try to lower your debt, plan to travel more or even clean out your closet! I'll do another blog on that coming soon, but what about WHAT NOT TO WEAR!!! That's right. I am sure you have made some fashion faux pax's and today I am going to share with you 5 mistakes to avoid for the upcoming new year.

holiday fashion


That's right. We are all too blame for this one. How many times have you made a fashion purchase only to find out you already own something very similar if not almost identical. I just did this myself . I was mad, because how many shiny black satin pants do I need??? I was somewhat pressured by one of those home parties put on the spot and there you go, i bought what I already own. Now don't get me wrong I didnt pay a million bucks for it, but that's not the point. I already have something like this. Hay Dios Mio, Why did I do this??? Even though I had cleaned out my closet I really didnt recall seeing the pants I already owned something similar and then look I rebought something very similar if not identical. But Yes, what about sweaters, jeans, tshirts, dont we all have enough of those same itmes. We tend to buy the same things over and over. Then when you want something different your like I have nothing new or different to wear. SO when you are shopping, instead of buying something familar buy something you dont already own. Think Statement pieces , maybe a blazer/jacket you can dress down or up with the already familar pieces you own. Makes sense right?? Ok, so think different and don't buy the same thing over and over. I promise to do the same!!! LOL

statement pieces



Ladies, Im not judging BUT, if I had to put money on it, I bet your wearing the same Nude bra over and over, its falling apart. I'm sure your washing it, but hey, don't you have other bras to wear??? Im sure you do!! Now listen, a good bra is super essential and that's another blog post because beleive it or not not having the right fit, can actually make you look heavy and ladies we don't want that. That's one area you want to look amazing!! wink wink



Make 2019 the year you are not Lazy, that's right Lazy and take that dress that can make you look fabulous if it's taken in a little here or there. Why do you think these celebrites and all the ads you see look flawless. Its all in the alteration. (Ok, on set they dont tailor there called clamps that are hidden) But yes, the others are getting there outfits tailored. I dont know about you but when Meghan Markle got married, I thought her dress was so big on her. I was like were was the tailor . I personally did not like her dress, even though all those wanna be's out there on TV kissed ass . I hope I don't do that. I Say how it is. I think that's the Latina in me, We honestly tell you how it is the Good the Bad Pretty and the Ugly. Ya Tu Sabes!!!!

Going off tangent, Sorry!!! So make 2019 the year you tailor your clothing. I don't care if the outfit cost you 19.99 from Zara, it will look like it cost 5,000 if it fits you like a glove . Now that's what I'm talkin about. So you get my drift, Tailor!!!!



Hello??? Why buy a dress you will wear once, Think about how you can repurpose it again into your daily life. Serioulsy . If you can't then go on to the next look. Jumpsuits are really hot and something you can easily dress up or down, or a Tuxedo pant suit too. You can wear as separates and boy will you get your money worth. Listen, of course if your walking the red carpet for a movie premier, unless your the actor I dont want you buying something you will wear only once.( Oh wait I forgot they get there clothing loaned to them or gifted!!! ... hay yai yai) Think Sustainable Fashion and Repurpose!!!!

jumpsuits. tuxedo pant suit


That's right, we are all to blame . Right or Wrong. You will see something or that sales person will go out of their way to show you something that was full priced marked down to the the nines. I mean hello a pair of Gucci Shoes that use to cost 2,000 and now are only $500 and they come in your size. Question, if they didnt sell at 2,000 theres a reason. Gucci is a hot comodity today and anything they make pretty much gets sold out, so you think your getting a deal, but the question is would you have even looked at them when they were 2,000. Even if you didnt have the money. The answer is probably NO. But all of sudden the sales person makes it look like your getting a huge deal and Cmon, it's Gucci. Well , don't give in, even at HM when everything on the rack is 5.00 . Stop and Save your Money!! It's so easy to get caught up, so dont. Or at least try not to. Beleive me, I walked into the Michael Kors store to only find out the snake skin handbag was on sale for only $225.00 . Doesnt sound alot but how many bags do I need, snakeskin or not.

sales, fashion

So for this years resolutions, remember these 5 key things and hopfully you and I can stick to them for the New Year!!! jajajaja




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