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This package is perfect for the the new or exsiting client who is happy with their wardrobe. But they need some fresh ideas on how to mix and match and recyle their existing wardrobe or wants suggestions for smart seasonal pieces. This package includes a 3 hour closet edit . By choosing this package you will save money, boost self confidence and maximize cost per wear. Its a WIN WIN.



Has your life changed but your wardrobe hasn't. Perhaps your going thru some sort of transition such as:


             * NEW MOM


This package is my most popular by demand and it will help you dress who you are today and not who you were 5 years ago, or 5 pounds ago.

This package includes: 1 hour of a style assessment, 3 hours of a wardrobe review, 2 hours of personal shopping ( with helpful comments on why each piece was selected and how you can use it with your existing wardrobe).


Do you have a special occassion or an important meeting where you really want to "wow"'em.

Then this package is for you. Together we will come up with a mini assessment of what you already own and determine what is needed for the "Big" event.

This package is usually lasts 2 hours ( not including the time for personal shopping) where I help you look Fabulous for your "Big " event.

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