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MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 (18G84) [2022-Latest]




Speed up reading and writing with the QuickType keyboard and the redesigned selection menu. Using the revamped Control Center, you can easily get to your music, photos, and other apps. And you can use the latest features of macOS Mojave to have a fast and powerful PC. The Mojave-specific features offer more power in a smaller space, including Dark Mode, Dark Side, improved display, multi-window, and other updates. Dark Mode Lets you switch between the "light" and "dark" sides of the Mojave experience. With dark themes for documents, webpages, system settings, notifications, and more, you can customize a system that fits your mood. Multi-Window With macOS Mojave, you can split your windows into four columns for a more intuitive, organized workflow. New Dock With the new Dock, you can quickly move between apps and folders with the press of a button. And using Multi-View, you can open a new view from a folder without launching the app. Easier File Access Through the redesigned selection menu and Finder, you can access your files faster. And the Sidebar makes it easy to access apps and settings you use all the time. Faster Searches With the newest Spotlight, you can search directly from any Finder window to find files and perform other actions. Lighter Dock With the new Dock, you can control your Dock with fewer clicks. And drag and drop files directly from the Finder window. Better Battery Life With improvements to energy management, power-saving technologies, and macOS, you can get a longer battery life with the latest macOS. New Apps with macOS Mojave, you can use Sketch to design a prototype in seconds and share it with your friends, or search your library for all of your eBooks with OverDrive. New APIs with APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), you can use new tools and frameworks to build your next app. And with the new Security APIs, you can make your software more secure. Powerful Features with macOS Mojave, you can use Dark Side to add a dark theme to your desktop and customize the look of your wallpaper. Faster I/O With macOS Mojave, you can use I/O caching to speed up I/O tasks like writing and copying files. And when you need to write, you can use Project Catalyst to build universal apps for iPhone and iPad. Apps with macOS Mojave, you can create and install




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