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El Museo del Barrio 25th Annual Gala at the Plaza Hotel

In this video you will see Soneca interview The honorees,the trustees to Who's Who in NYC and involved at the El Museo De Barrio. El Museo is a diamond in the rough . Located at 1230 Fifth Avenue in New York, New York. The mission of El Museo del Barrio is to present and preserve the art and culture of Puerto Ricans and all Latin Americans in the United States. Through its extensive collections, varied exhibitions and publications, bilingual public programs, educational activities, festivals and special events. El Museo is creating the next generation of museum-goers, while satisfying the growing interest in Caribbean and Latin American art of a broad national and international audience.

The annual gala and art auction help support and run the Museum. The gala this year helped raise 900,000. For this evenings highlights I was able to speak in Spanish and English to some of the top Designers and Artists in the world. From how they became involved with El Museo to what their Fashion was. It truly was an amazing evening and I was so honored to be able to attend and interview these incredible people.

Honorees I interviewed included: Martin Minujin, Estaban Cortazar, Trustees: Maria Eugenia Maury

Who's Who: Jean Shafiroff-Philantropist, Victor De Souza-Fashion Designer, Agatha De La Prada-Fashion Designer, Kim Schuessler-Artist, Rose Hartman-Photographer, Henrique Faria- Art Gallery Owner

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