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How to Boost Confidence

Sometimes you will see people and be envious that they can walk into a room and command so much presence and confidence. You're like wow, I wish I could do that. Well , the answer is quite simple and YES you can too!!! As a Personal Fashion Stylist, and Style Coach I teach my clients that changing some things in their wardrobe and in the mindset and way of how they act and speak can instantly be a Confidence booster.

Here are 8 Ways to help you boost your confidence

  1. Walk 25% Faster

Throw your shoulders back , lift up your head, move a little faster and feel self confidence grow

2. Talk Slowly

People who feel they aren't worthy of being listened to tend to talk quickly. So ensure that you aren't rushing!

3. Accomplish small goals

Try making your bed in the morning. You will feel accomplished and that will pave the way for achieving bigger goals.

4. Empower yourself with knowledge

Empowering yourself, in general , is one of the best strategies for building confidence

5. Dress Nicely!!

So cliche yet so True!!!

I tell this to my clients all the time, get dressed make an effort. When you feel like a boss you act like a boss and people will think that you'r a BOSS!!

6. Be a Front Seater!!

You heard me right!! Sit in the front at meetings, taking a class, lecture. People who sit in the back , lack confidence. Let people notice you, sit front and center!!! It's a game changer.

7. Practice Making EYE CONTACT!!!

8. Practice Speaking up at every meeting!!!

Even if it's a question, suggestion, comment.... Speak UP!!!!


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