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NYFW S/S 2018

What a great a week it has been. I had loads of fun attending shows all over NYC and I got to meet alot of interesting people in the industry and some of them I know will become my friends too. Going to Fashion Week fills you with all this adrenaline. I can't quite explain it but you feel exicted, overwhelmed and like you too are a celebrity.However, I have to say it was also a LOT of hard work too! I guess you can call it " Glamourous" work. Glamourous in the sense that everyone is looking beautiful and WHO's Who is in attendace. You find yourself surrounded by all these celebrites up close and in person. For instance my first show I attended this year for Malan Breton I happen to sit right in front of the whole cast and crew for the RHOBH. However, At times it can get exhausting because there is so much to see and between events and shows and trying to cram it all in can get tiring at times. But of course once you get to your destination you realize all this running around and hard work pays off.

Tadashi Shoji Show

When attending NYFW, you can distinguish between seasoned fashion goers and those that are new to attending. Just take a look at what type of shoes they are wearing and that sums it all up. Heels vs. Flats or sneakers. What I mean by that is that comfort is key when attending NYFW. There's alot of shows to attend and depending where they are in NYC, and times you want to walk in comfort yet feel and look stylish. Of course, we all feel so much more glamourous in an amazing pair of heels, but the reality is , you will be miserable if you dont have something that allows your feet to breath and feel relaxed. Luckily todays Fashion allows for the combo of a great skirt or dress paired with nice flat or sneakers.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work backstage as a wardrobe stylist and now I have been finding myself front of the house as opposed to back of the house. However, I must admit that I miss being in the back of the house as it is coined in the fashion industry. Yes, it is chaos and OMG lots of work. But being backstage allows me to see the clothing up close and personal. There is nothing like getting to touch a couture outfit hot off the presses. Sometimes, I will have the opportunity to speak to the actual designer him or herself, see all the celebrites that come backstage, talk to the hair and makeup people and get a sneak peak of what is to come in their world. Your surrounded by all this press and media and lastly getting to work and talk to these amazing models who come from all over different walks of life and are trying to make a name for themself. It can be crazy backstage during the actual show itself when the models have more than one outift to change into but I have to admit I love the hustle and bustle.

This year I attended shows all over the city. From the USS Intrepid which is a retired battelship that was actually in WW2, the Cold War and Vietnam. Very COOL!! I totally recommend going to visit if in NYC and for those of us who live in the tristate area it really is a must from a historical perspective. Then I went to a couple of shows at Skylight Clarkson Square located in Soho . Many well known designers showed their and what was great about this venue was once you were in, there were different vendors to visit and they had all these things to check out. Such as Tressame. Did you like my little intro with my name that tressame sponsored? So cool right??

Gregorio Sanchez

E News was headquartered there too! Then I was off to Pier 59 located at the Chelsea Piers. This particular space is where many most in studio fashion shoots take place so very cool to be at. Not to mention I have had the opportunity work behind the scences as a stylist at Pier 59. Then the rest of the shows that I was invited to were located in different spaces such as hotels.

The collections across the board, were breath taking and very cutting edge. I loved seeing collections from the the emerging designers in particular and my all time favorite was the production put together by UptownFashion. This was a show that represented 12 different latin american designers. I have to say mind blowing and what a breath of fresh air. I want my clients or you too! To be able to wear one of these amazing outfits that I got to preview. Maybe I will grab a few items for myself. LOL Seriously beautiful and what I have to say Different and not so mainstream. So if you want to stand out in a sea of just regular these designers these collections will WOW you.

It was an exhausting week and not to mention juggling my family life as well. Being a mom to four children and trying to pursue by dream as a fashion stylist is not easy but at the end its all about BALANCE. Yes, I would have loved to have been able to attend a few after parties that I was invited too and there were a few must shows I couldnt attend because I had back to school night(s) but at the end of the day I feel blessed with what I have and what I was able to accomplish. I couldn't do all this and more if it werent for my family supporting me.

I hope you enjoyed this post and my pictures of a fun filled yet hard working week at #NYFW S/S18




The RHOBH @MalanBreton

Gregorio and I after his show

Miriam Rodriguez Design

Alex Acosta with his models

China Fashion Collection

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