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Now that the weather is about to change , the kids are back in school and pumpkin spice lattes are all the rage. Your probalbly asking yourself what is going to be this Fall's hottest fashion trends.

We all know trends come and go, so when it comes to investing in what you should and shouldn't buy can be tricky. I tend to invest more in accessories and key wardrobe pieces because I know I will get my monies worth. I try to stear away from clothing (unless it happens to be some type of outercoat which I consider to be an accessory. )Now if money is no object then gladly spend away. However, I feel that regardless of what your SES is, you probably don't want to over-spend either.

So what is going to be HOT this season, for one its the color RED!! Its all about female empowerment and power dressing. Part of red's allure is to be seen. For some women red head-to-toe may seem as an attention seeker, but you can add the color here and there without feeling self-conscious . As I did above, wearing a pair of red jeans. Not only am I on trend , I feel confident and somewhat powerful!

fall fashion

Another one of my favorites for this Fall is Embroidery. Again another summer trend that is spilling into this Fall's Fashion trends. There are embroidery shoes, jeans, jackets shirts you name it! Gucci is ofcourse the ulitmate rage with thier embroidery purses, shoes and clothing line. Alessandro Michelle their creative director is just the coolest person I must say. However, if the likes of Gucci can't fit your budget don't feel that you can't partake in this years fall trend. Many designers like Sam Edlman do make a nice compatable match. It may not be the same as our high end designer, but you will be pleasantly be pleased with their choices and quality. My shirt above I purchased from Top Shop, and I have to say I love the attention to detail and quality.

Kimonos are really a huge trend this year. What's great about the Kimono is that it's a nice summer to fall transition piece. Depending upon where you live, wearing a kimono may be just the right amount of warmth needed.

fall fashion, kimono

They are super fun, and they come in all different sizes and colors. The one I am wearing is a nice bright blue and I love the fact that I picked it up at Target which was a bargain! Zara and NY and Company make some nice ones as well.

If you noticed in my picture with the kimono I am wearing a simple tshirt with a pair of jeans and my furry slides!! LOL I can't afford the Givinchy's ones the Kardashians are wearing but the ones I picked up at Tj Max for under $15.00 suit me just fine. Not necessarily a Fall staple but depending on where you live in the country it just may well be. LOL

Hope you enjoyed my piece on some of Fall must have pieces and I hope to hear from you if you have any comments!!!



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