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Confidence is the Best Outfit You Can Wear

Now that life is starting to look more like normal, I recently attended a networking event in NYC. The room was filled with industry personalities and prominent people from all aspects of life and business.

As I mingled around the room, I felt like a novice. Its' been so long since I have been in a room filled with people and getting to stand next to them and mingle like old times. But I reminded myself that this was my opportunity to connect and make the best first impression.

With a glass of wine in one hand and confidence in the other, I decided to walk up and introduce myself to the other groups.

At the end of our group conversation, I was asked to collaborate and be on a podcast.

WOW! What an amazing feeling

How did it happen? Well this is what I did-


Know who is attending the event. I only knew the host of the event and realized that person would be busy, but knew I would love to make some new connections and that I needed to take myself out of my comfort level and move around to meet and make new friends.


Before I left I told myself I would have a great time, despite only knowing one person

Mindset is everything and this is what I teach my clients when getting them styled . It's funny how, despite how famous they are, how much money one has we all have insecurities. So I needed to practice what I preach.

Getting yourself in a positive frame of mind is everything!!


Dress to impress doesn't require to spend a fortune on your clothes. It means well fitted, clean ironed clothes. I love buying new outfits, and I love getting my clients new wardrobes, but lets face it. I am sure you have a closet full of clothes, so try mix and matching what you already have. I happen to have an amazing jumpsuit I purchased a few years back and it was the perfect outfit for that event. Depending on what type of event your attending make sure you wear something as per the occasion. Ideally , you want to make sure you feel beautiful and comfortable.


Your intro is what will set you apart from everyone!!! Niche down

So for instance, if you simply say your name and what you do. Well guess what your just a fish in a BIG pond.

Make your introduction powerful.

" Hi, I'm Soneca Guadara. I am a Personal Fashion Stylist, I help women feel beautiful and confident through the rise of Style.

I am on a mission to transform the lives of many women by helping them identify their true passion in life and how to make them stand out, make more money and ultimately be successful through their wardrobe and creating a mindset shift"

What makes this introduction powerful is that I have clearly defined who I am and what I am set out to do. I am not a generalist, but rather a specialist . I have also articulated my mission statement which makes me stand out


Body Language is everything!! It speaks volume about you . Stand tall, have eye contact and if your feeling comfortable a firm handshake. That's it!!! It makes all the difference and this is exactly what I did to introduce myself that evening.


Your volume and tone matters. Speak clearly and with confidence.


Your energy introduces you before you even speak. For me power dressing , confident body language, the right tone, the right intro all makes a difference . It commands attention and people want to know more about you and the work you do .

When meeting new people make sure to :

Be a good listener

Talk in terms of the other person's interests and

Make the other person feel important and do it sincerely.

So The KEY Give Aways are:

Don't Doubt your Self Worth

Confidence is the best outfit that will make you SHINE!!! Once you believe in yourself, you have won half your battle !!

If you want to gain confidence be successful and get people to notice you!! Fill Out my contact form and lets get the conversation started!!!

I am offering FREE 30 min consults.


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