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Dress More For-Yourself

I can go on and on . But I'll start today by pinning it down to some simple steps. People, we’re talking about how to dress as yourself! It might sound foolish as we all have clothes on and we all function in them etc. But not always are your clothes in line with the core of your style. This can be dependent on societal pressure, insecurities, that you don’t know what you want or you’re just out of tune. Walking around and not feeling empowered by your clothes is of course a no-no. Dressing like yourself is dressing as the best version of you! Here are some tips that hopefully will take you closer to your style:

How To Dress As Yourself

  • Know what your go-to pieces are: It may be the blazers, pleated skirts or oversized cardigans (or whatever clothing piece you have too many examples of). However, building your style from a piece your comfortable in will empower your outfit as well as yourself.

  • Color, print or texture you love? We all have a go-to color, print or texture that we feel comfortable in. Identify these and make the color your signature touch. It might be the color red, the pattern of palm leaves or a knitted piece. Your go-to will always be your friend in need and a reflection of the sense of your style too.

  • Know your shape and let it rule your outfit: Different clothing pieces and style tricks will enhance the best of you. If you’re heavy on the bottom, add volume to the top and vice versa. This also goes for body parts (Jennifer Lopez's legs anyone?), know the best parts of you and dress accordingly.

  • Simple as this: Don’t overthink your style, just do. Be inspired by a style you like and interpret it your way. Your style is a reflection of you mind and your taste. If you like it; wear it and own it!

  • And people? Do keep in mind that by the end of the day it’s all about daring to be true to your style and truly not care about what other people think. Put on whatever you want and wear it without excusing yourself.


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