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Pumpkin Picking

fall fashion

This weekend , I was finally able to get to the pumpkin patch before Halloween. It was a gorgeous day here in Jersey and so I went with my younger son to pick a pumpkin and enjoy this beautiful fall day. It was somewhat crisp but warm when standing in the sun.

I just bought this super cute jacket from New York and Company a few weeks back and finally, I was able to wear it. I paired it with a pair of denim jeans I bought three years ago from H&M , I also paired it with a shirt from Express , leather boots from Cole Haan that are ancient! and OH this super cute bakers hat, I bought from Neiman Marcus from Eugenia Kim.

I am not sure if you noticed , but this newsboy type of hat is very popular this upcoming season. The hat was a little pricey but its 100% cashmere, so I felt it was well the investment since I can wear it many times and it will keep my head nice and warm as the weather gets cold. I tend to pay a little more for accessories I can get the most for my money.

The jacket received so many compliments and it was crazy how people couldn't believe I had purchased it from New York and Company. Its a great store! The price is right , quality is good and the clothing is super cute and definitely wearable. I stumbled upon this store a few years back and I feel its a great place to find something when you least expect it. Below I show you the links and you are not going to believe how inexpensive this well made , military inspired jacket is. I love the feel too, its a black velvet which we all know is a huge trend for this fall and winter. I try to incorporate something I already own in my closet and if I'm lucky to have something new then add it to my wardrobe. My glasses believe it or not are from Kmart. I had to get something this summer for my home and I was checking out, I happen to see these and for $5.00 from Joe Boxer , I was like sold, I'll buy two!! I LOVE mixing high and low fashion. Its all about if it looks good and you feel good then go for it. How much your total outfit doesn't define who you are , You define who you are. Happy Fall and I hope you gained some inspiration for you fall fashion!!

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military jacket

news boy cap


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