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What to Pack on your Summer Vacation

Summer is synonymous with Beach Vacation. Whether your heading back to Europe like many people are starting to do, hitting your local beach or even going to a Lake house. The key to this vacation, is Sun and Fun!!!

I have been helping clients put together look books on what to wear and bring on their summer vacation.

The following are MUST Haves when going away for your summer vacation:

  1. Maxi Dress

  2. Sandals/Wedges for Evening

  3. Swim Suit

  4. Wedges

  5. Sun Hat

  6. Shorts

  7. Dinner Dress

  8. Denim Jacket or Light Cardigan

  9. Beach Tote

  10. Beach Towel

  11. Couple of short-Sleeved t-shirts

  12. White Jeans

  13. Sunglasses

  14. Light Scarf

  15. Bright accessories

Being Versatile is Key, the above items can be mixed and matched. This way you don't need to overpack .

That maxi dress can be worn as a beach cover-up over your bathing suit, paired with sandals for brunch or shopping, or you can up the drama factor with the wedges and a scarf for a nice dinner.

Your sandals can be worn with the bathing suit, shorts, maxi or white jeans, while the wedges will also work with all four of those!

Wear the shorts with a t-shirt and the denim jacket for a bike ride along the beach or pair them with the bathing suit and a sun hat for lounging by the beach.

If you stick with several base neutrals—white jeans, khaki or navy shorts, denim jacket or white cardigan—you don’t have to pack a basic white tee (although you can!). Try a nautical blue-and-white stripe or bright turquoise for something different and fun.

For jewelry, pack at most two bright necklaces that match all of your outfits. Again, nothing too fancy, the jewelry should coordinate with the clothes.

A sun hat, scarf, and sunglasses are a must! Don’t forget these as are a stylish form of sun protection. And don’t be afraid of color here either. If your wardrobe is primarily blue, try a red hat or sunglasses.

A cardigan or denim jacket is great in the evening or morning when it’s slightly cooler. Layer it over your outfits when necessary and make sure the color is a neutral so it matches all of your possible outfit combinations.

I hope this beach packing list serves as your starting off point. Of course depending on your specific activities and destination you can add or remove items.


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