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Balmain Inspired


I was going to see a Broadway show with my son for his Birthday and sadly the day was not quite your picture perfect fall day in NYC. It was rainy and dreary. I didn't mind so much since we were going to be indoors watching the show. We saw Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory. I have to say it was excellent!!! Loved Loved Loved it. SO did my son. The show was at the Lunt Fontanne Theater on W 46 street in NYC. It was well made and the characters were excellent, especially the Umpa Loopas. I highly recommend going to see the show with children. It was made with today's child in mind. It can't replace the movie of course but it was really worth seeing. I purchased my tickets thru I got a great discount . You can purchase other shows thru this site. I will never pay full price for show if I dont have too.

So for today's outing, I decided to wear jeans ( my to go uniform) I added a turtlneck sweater and this faux leather jacket that is similar to that of an original Balmain Leather Jacket. Of course I wish I had the original, who wouldnt but I purchased this for under $300.00 at a boutique in Englwood , NJ called Reve Boutique. Thats still alot of money, but I didnt have to spend thousand of dollars. I will utilize this jacket more often than not because its classic in style and will be easy to pair with other outfits. I then decided to wear a pair of patent leather boots in a tan color. Perfect for this rainy kinda of day. What I like about this outfit is that I look put together, I'm super comfy and lastly I look and feel like a New Yorker. Below you will find links to the above items.

willie wonka

balmain jacket inspo

ankle bootie

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