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Indulge Yourself This Holiday Season

holiday fashion

Now that you are in full Holiday mode, It's just important to treat and spoil yourself as it is important to treat others this time of year ( which is the purpose) . I know , I know, with all the gifts we need to give and the food to prep, who's gluten free and who's allergic to nuts, one must take the time to exhale and pause for a moment. Let's not forget why we are hustling and bustling. with so many pretty sights to wonder at, this really is the most magical time of the year. I want to share with you some helpful tips to help the stress go away, or at least make you feel better!!! . By the way Christmas is only 11 days away. Who's counting????

1. Shop with Spirit - While shopping for your friends and family, indulge in the sights and really enjoy browsing at the windows. If your lucky enough to live in the NYC area definelty hit uptown to all the amazing department stores.

2. Spray away Stress- Pick a fragrance. I like to change up my scent from time to time . Chloe is a great day or night out option. Not only does it smell great it looks beautiful on my dressing table. Not to mention it helps keep me calm expecially during this holiday season.

chole perfume

3. Shine On- Who better than yourself deserves a Mani/Pedi. Not only will your hands and feet look amazing . This is the time to relax and sabor what the holidays are all about. I like to play around with my polishes and adding a hint of glitter can be so festive.

holiday nail art

4. Work it Out- I know that during the month of December can be challenging to work out, but when you can , you will feel so good and it will help ease any tension or stress this holiday season is to bring. Just going for a simple walk in the crisp air, can clear your senses and make you feel rejuivinated for all the christmas cheer ahead.

5. Treat yourself to a Cozy Outfit- Indulge in a cozy knit sweater or knit scarf. The idea is to feel cozy and warm this holiay season. Plus it makes Holiday shopping so much simpler and gets you into the holiday mode.

6. Treat yourself to Fun Fashion-Why not treat yourself to pair of fun festive shoes. Like these from Charles David. The little added fur is a nice touch and fun and festive. Plus they dont break the bank.

7. Unwind is the Ultimate Indulgence- Take a bubble bath, meditate or just a light a candle all these simple pleasures will definetly treat yourself during this hectic holiday season. There's always a great glass wine to help you unwind after a long day or night of shopping.

8. Get a Good Nights Rest- What better than to get cozy and comfy in a great pair of pajamas from Neiman Marcus. I just love the soft detail. Great pair to wear all year round.

9. Splurge on Jewelry - Now is the time to treat yourself to piece of sparkly . I am loving this necklace from Aladdin Pave. Super Decadent but arent you worth it!!

diamond necklace

Well there you have it!! Remember that this is once a year and why we make ourselves feel so stressed Im not sure, perhaps its all the pressure from work, family social media the world in general. Family is the most important. Happy Holidays and I hope these tips will help you indulge and spoil yourself this holiday season.



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